Notification of Account Cancellation

1、If you apply for account cancellation, it shall be deemed that you voluntarily give up all membership rights and virtual assets under the account (including but not limited to membership points, membership level, membership rights, and coupons, etc.).

2、Once the account is canceled, it cannot be recovered. Before the operation, please back up all account-related information and data.

3、After the cancellation, you cannot log on, use this account or find any account-related contents or information in your account, including but not limited to user name, profile photo and so on. (The waybill information will be saved based on the time limit agreed by the privacy policy, and you can check the tracking information of the shipment on SF’s official website with the waybill No.).

4、If you have a Credit Account, the Credit Account will be unbound from this account, and you need to bind the Credit Account to a new account if you want to continue to use your Credit Account.

5、The cancellation of this account shall not be deemed as exemption or diminishing of account behaviors and related responsibility before the cancellation.